Drilling 500k Ocscillator
Stuck pipe recovery drilling rig stuck BHA stuck drill pipe Differential stuck packed off horizontal stuck mud stuck
Vibration Technology’s innovative equipment and technology quickly resolved a recent stuck drilling assembly incident in Southeast Texas. The result was the pipe was completely free in less than 12 hours.

At this 8,000’ well, the operator encountered differential sticking in the 5” drillpipe and 8-1/2” drilling assembly. A stuck pipe log indicated 100% stuck just below the casing shoe at 3,750’ and over multiple additional intervals thereafter. After taking the conventional approach and working with BLACK MAGIC® for several days the decision was made to use a more aggressive procedure.

Vibration Technology’s 500K oscillator was the appropriate choice for the situation. With very little preparation and a quick rig-up, results quickly became apparent and progress continued rapidly. In fact, less than half a day was needed for rig-up, operation and results. Best of all, the customer was able to get back to normal operations thanks to Vibration Technology’s demonstrated low risk, high reward means of pipe recovery.

With oscillator equipment ranging from the 500,000 lb. hook load capacity for drilling operations to the 1,500 hook load unit for capillary tubing, Vibration Technology provides the equipment and services needed to meet the demands of stuck pipe recovery in all workover, coil tubing, and drilling operations.

Pipe vibration offers a low risk, high reward, first means for pipe recovery operations.

Results can be achieved rapidly, substantially reducing time and effort required to solve stuck pipe problems.

Featuring Vibration Technology’s 500K Surface Oscillator

No downhole intervention
-Pipe vibration can be quickly applied from surface with very little preparation

Quick to rig-up
-Approximately 2 hours are required for complete set up.

Convenient Location
-Strategically located at our Gulf Coast facility near Lafayette, Louisiana.

Compact Package
-Readily transportable
-Two offshore lifts

500,000 Lb Load Capacity
-Suitable for most drilling and casing applications

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