Vibration Technology’s 360K Oscillator Recovers Stuck Drill Pipe and BHA

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On a recent job in Caddo County, Oklahoma, Vibration Technology’s 360K oscillator was used to recover a 10,300 ft. string of 4-1/2” drill pipe and BHA. The stuck point was determined to be at approximately 5,000 ft. in the 10,300 ft. well.

When Vibration Technology received the call for assistance the client had been stuck for about 20 hours and had pulled and torqued the pipe to its working limits while spotting oil. Vibration Technology arrived on location and the pipe was free in about an hour.

Vibration Technology personnel applied a small amount of pull in excess of string weight and the oscillator unit did the rest. In a matter of minutes the first of two joints of drill pipe was laid down and the stuck string was completely free allowing the operator to continue normal operations.

500K Vibration Unit Quickly Frees Stuck Drilling Assembly

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On another recent Oklahoma well a client was making a bit trip and became stuck prior to reaching bottom of the 12,800 ft. well. The 5” drill pipe string and directional BHA showed signs of sticking as the bit approached a depth of 9,000 feet. Over an approximate 12-hour period the operator utilized limited circulation and the drilling jar that was in the BHA to work 111 feet back up hole and became completely stuck when circulation was lost.

A wire line free point indicated the stuck point to be at a stabilizer located at 8,639 feet. The operator chose to continue working the pipe while waiting for Vibration Technology’s 500K oscillator to arrive on location. The short waiting time was justified by a risk assessment that considered probability of success and costs in comparison to conventional intervention alternatives.

Vibration Technology personnel began working the stuck assembly and quickly developed movement in the pipe string. This procedure was continued and after 4 joints were laid down in approximately 2 hours the rig was able to pull the BHA safely into the casing.

First Choice For Stuck Pipe Recovery

Pipe vibration has proven to be very effective in freeing stuck pipe and Vibration Technology’s 500K and 360K vibration units continue to change the way operators approach a stuck pipe event in drilling applications. With increasing frequency operators are choosing to apply vibration as a first means of stuck pipe recovery, preempting conventional free point and back off operations that are usually a prelude to further down hole intervention operations.

Pipe vibration is applicable in any situation that may respond to pipe reciprocation; tensile, torsion, compressive, or percussive force, as well as friction reduction.

Pipe vibration offers a low risk, high reward, first means for pipe recovery operations.

Results can be achieved rapidly, substantially reducing time and effort required to solve stuck pipe problems.

5 Reasons To Make Vibration Technology Your 1st Call To Solve Any Stuck Pipe Problems

  • Quick and Easy Application
  • No Downhole Intervention
  • Reduced Risk
  • Simplified Decision Making
  • Demonstrated Results

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