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Vibration Technology’s mechanical oscillators are increasingly being recognized as the preferred means of recovery in stuck pipe applications. Any situation where the axial reciprocation of pipe or the use of large tensile, compressive, or percussive forces or where the reduction of pipe to wellbore friction is beneficial may respond favorably to the use of pipe vibration. The process is applied from surface, generally without any downhole intervention, and often provides immediate results. An example of this growing industry success is in the recovery of stuck washover pipe.

On a recent job in Webb County, Texas, Vibration Technology’s mechanical oscillator was used to free and recover jars and washover pipe stuck at 9,420 ft. inside 4-1/2" casing (as shown in Figure 1). The operator had run a 2-3/8" L-80 tubing work string with jars and 12 joints of 3-3/4" washover pipe to recover other tubulars. The washover pipe became stuck and eventually, after several days of conventional fishing, the jars themselves became stuck. The operator called Vibration Technology and was successful in freeing the washover assembly in less than one hour of operating time, reducing risk and saving the customer considerable time, expense, and grief.

On another job in Galveston County, Texas, the customer had two joints of 4-1/2" washover pipe with rotary shoe stuck at 5,500 ft. The operator had been cutting over a packer and junk from the packer had stuck the washover assembly. The operator immediately put Vibration Technology’s mechanical oscillator on the job. Working the 2-3/8" A-95 workstring with a small to medium overpull against the fish and operating Vibration Technology’s oscillator unit at resonance, the washover assembly came free in less than 5 minutes and was unceremoniously recovered.
"We are extremely pleased with the effectiveness of our equipment and procedures as well as becoming industry recognized as providing the superior means for recovering stuck washover pipe. As we are continue to earn the respect and confidence of our customers we are finding that we are frequently the option of choice for timely, effective and cost efficient removal of stuck tubulars in all workover applications" said Henry Bernat, P.E., Former General Manager of Vibration Technology.

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