The Situation

You’ve successfully sidetracked and made the new hole, kept it reasonably straight, won the battle with lost circulation and high pressure kicks, and navigated all the other risks of drilling. You’re ahead of the curve and now all that’s left is to run casing and get a good cement job. Everything is proceeding normally and you’ll have the 13,300 ft of 7" LTC casing on bottom in a few hours.

Stuck Casing

After making a connection you find that the casing is stuck at 11,631 ft.

Few Options
  • Work the pipe
  • Spot a pill, let it soak
  • Cut it and jar it out
  • Set it here and run a liner
  • Vibrate from surface
The Appropriate Response

Vibration Technology can vibrate the pipe from surface to get it free. It doesn’t take long, there’s very little risk and no downhole intervention.

Vibration is applicable to any situation that responds to pipe reciprocation; tensile, compressive or percussive force; or friction reduction.

Rapid Results

On this well, it took 18 minutes for Vibration Technology’s equipment and methods to free the casing after being stuck for more than 36 hours. The casing, after coming free, was unceremoniously run to bottom and promptly cemented, thus ending another chapter in the annals of drilling adversity.

Download "StuckCaseRecovery.pdf"